The WIHH is the governing body for the Wold Conference for Holistic Hoofcare.

The next conference is planned for September, 2018, in Germany. Watch this space for more details over the next year.

The conference is going to be held from 1-5 September, 2016 in Prague, CZ. It is open to Strasser Hoofcare Professionals and students.

The main focus in 2016 will be on the application of various trimming techniques and experience exchange between the participants. As such, there will be following format:

  • Day 1: Practical - Open to Course and Seminar Instructors
  • Day 2:
    • Conference style presentations specific to various trimming aspects. Speakers will be: - Open to SHP’s
      • Dr. Hiltrud Strasser: Can there be too much Hoof Mechanism?
      • Patrick Spieleder (course instructor): Where does the bar end/begin?
      • Georgina Pankhurst (MPh. student): Presentation of her Master Thesis on Hoof Health
      • Thorsten Kaiser (course instructor): Coronet distortion – How to interpret and integrate it to your trimming.
    • conference dinner
  • Day 3-4:
    • Practical, cadaver and life horse trimming - Open to SHP’s
    • Evening of Day 3, Guided Tour through Prague, followed by dinner
  • Day 5: AGM of WIHH in the morning – Open to members of WIHH

Registration is closed.